• Sam is a truly remarkable leader, thinker, marketer, writer, entrepreneur and human being. His skills are many and rare; a famously charismatic, persuasive and fast speaker, yet he is also an attentive and thoughtful listener.

    His leadership style balances big thinking optimism and serious-minded mission setting with mischeivous playfulness that unites every single person behind the cause and the culture
    — Callum McGeoch, Digital Director, Balance Media
  • I don’t say this often but Sam is one of the few people I wish I worked for. He’s a truly inspirational leader who has bags of energy, is courageous, innovative, creative and empowering. The Marketing Academy Scholars were eating his words at a recent talk he did for us because this guy can make you believe that you’re capable of anything.

    His company Livity are market changers with their fingers directly on the pulse of young people everywhere and every interaction we’ve had with them has left us wanting more.
    — Sherilyn Shackell, CEO & Founder, The Marketing Academy.