About Sam

Sam co-founded Livity in 2001 as an 'experiment' in ethical marketing that grew into an international 'youth-led creative network' with 100 staff in two continents empowering young people to change their world, winning Agency of the Year, Social Enterprise of The Year and the Queen’s Award.


Sam's clients include Google, YouTube, PlayStation, Facebook, Red Bull, Channel 4, Unilever & NSPCC. After raising £1.5m investment in 2016 to evolve Livity, Sam began his succession bringing in a new CEO and leadership team.


Sam's career began in 1998 when he launched Bafta & Cannes Grand Prix winning Don't Panic.


In 2000 Sam set up LiveMagUK, a non-profit youth zine that over a decade became a 'transformation engine' for over 20,000 young people.


From 2005-10 Sam Exec-Produced three series of the interactive multi-platform cult show Dubplate Drama across C4, MTV, Playstation, YouTube and mobile networks, in a partnership with ChildLine that transformed the demographics of their service.


In 2007 Sam launched a series of alternative apprenticeship schemes allowing diverse young talent to advertise the creative industries; The Hatch for TV (Shine/Endemol), Digify for Advertising (Google) & Music4Good for the Music Industry (Universal/Sony)


In 2009 Sam launched somewhereto_ official youth program for London 2012 in partnership with Channel 4. Sam led the £12m program transforming access to space for young people in every region of the UK.


In June 2016, a week after the referendum, Sam Co-Founded UnDivided, a UK-wide representative youth-led campaign that one year on delivered No 10 a vision for a Better Brexit for Britain authored by millions of 16-25-year-olds.


Sam is also Chair at Generation Change, a charity aimed squarely at reinventing opportunity and society for young people.


In 2017 Sam was awarded Global CSR Leader at the Global CSR Awards and Livity won Grand Pix at the BIMA Awards for "its innovative and ethical work reinventing the agency model".


Some of my favourite start-ups of the last twenty years:


Since my early twentie, I’ve been starting projects, ideas and businesses, mainly with  mission to do make a difference whilst making money and great work that people love.


Livity was an experiment. I wanted to know if 'ethical marketing' was an OxyMoron, or if you could actually bring the budget and influence of brands to focus on meaningful issues, whilst still delivering on business objectives in a happy sustainable marriage of mutual benefit. Or, to put it another way, could you re-educate brands to grow their business by seeing young audiences as their responsibility, not just their opportunity.


somewhereto - I conceived, designed, pitched and won the right to run the largest youth program of London 2012’s Cultural Olympiad. In partnership with C4 we launched UK-wide, smashed KPI’s in every region, unlocking space for 5,000 young creatives. I wrote the national strategy, held sole responsibility for an £11m budget, ran a multiple delivery agency regional team, reported to the Cultural Olympiad Committee and delivered on time and on budget.


Hatch, Digify, Advantage, Music4Good - Are alternative apprenticeship schemes I’ve designed and led, bringing diversity, different thinking and digital skills, in the shape of talented young people, through the doors of industry. Hatch for Shine/Endemol. Digify and Advantage for Google. Music4Good for Universal, Warners and Sony.


Live Magazine - I launched a magazine made by young people, for young people, it was called Live Magazine, and it changed the lives of the tens of thousands of young people who had a hand in creating it over the 15 years that I ran it, and inspired hundreds of thousands more who were it’s fans and followers.


Don’t Panic - Twenty one years ago I launched what is now one of London’s most creative (and awarded) marketing agencies, Don’t Panic, dedicated to content that creates debate. As Non-Exec I’ve steered us  through highs, lows and more, to become a Bafta and Cannes Gold PRix winning creative, disruptive and establishment challenging force.


UnDivided - The week after the referendum, I mobilised a national youth-led movement that a year later had engaged millions of young people, in every corner of the UK, to create the definitive, representative youth vision for a better Brexit, causing debate in the commons, a youth/Brexit APPG, and a report now being used by DExEU and No 10.






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