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Since starting back out on my own again at the beginning of 2018, I have been humbled by the requests from clients, colleagues, contacts and complete randoms to share updates of my journey to ‘what next’.


Trouble is, I’m not yet ready to reveal the what next, it’s a secret.


What I can tell you is that I do know Livity is definitely not my last world changing business, Be More Pirate not my last call to arms for radical change and this website won’t be the last time I awkwardly confuse writing in the third and first person about how I’ve changed the world, encouraging others to join me.

My secret master plan is based on some rock solid principles, taking inspiration from one of my business heroes.


  1. Set a course based on radical intention for positive change.

  2. Only work with excellent people intent on doing the best work of their lives.

  3. Suffer no fools, tell no lies, accept no second bests.

  4. Continue to prove making a good living and making a difference can be not only synonymous, but advantageous.

  5. Don’t tell anyone.

So, as long as you don’t tell anyone, please subscribe here and round about every fortnight, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned, loved and laughed at on my way to my exploring the innovation, insight and ideas that will lead me to my what next of changing the word, a little bit more than before.


AND, all sign ups to the newsletter will receive for free the first chapter of Be More Pirate as an obvious bribe masquearding as a thank you gift.


Alternatively, or additionally, you can follow me on medium, where I collect my regular writings.