Sam Conniff
The ‘God Father Of Rebellion’
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For more than twenty years, Sam has worked with world-renowned clients at an executive level of strategic leadership, including brands such as PlayStation, Google, BBC, Unilever, Facebook, O2 and many others. Today, he consults for Mercedes, Rolex and Red Bull.

Sam is usually brought into rooms to play the role of “challenger.” Tasked with introducing new ways of thinking and unorthodox approaches, he helps clients forge deeper, more authentic connections with their audiences.

Being able to lead a team through major change by inspiring them to see opportunities and create advantages often feels impossible, but Sam’s passionate accounts of what can be achieved, make anything seem possible.
— Nic Burnside, Head of Marketing Mercedes Vans UK
I work with Sam whenever we need an injection of new thinking, fresh insight, and progressive push. Sam owns the room; his gravitas, credibility and leadership style always has a positive impact. He is a force of nature—his energy is infectious, he walks the talk, and as a result leaders listen to him, and he is able to shift mindsets.
Sam sat on a panel to oversee the Social Action Innovation Fund, which was run jointly by Nesta and the Cabinet Office. The panel was responsible for developing strategy and reviewing proposals for the investment of £40m. Sam was awesome. Thoughtful, challenging, committed; exactly what we needed.

After more than two decades of running and growing several successful more-than-profit businesses at the intersection of innovation, purpose and brand building, I am currently enjoying operating as a ‘micro-consultancy’.

In other words: It’s just me.

I’m only taking on consultancy work where the intention is clearly purpose-driven, or where there’s ambition to develop a more meaningful approach to innovation, leadership, change management or brand building.

There’s a lot of horseshit spoken about ‘Purpose’. I believe in purpose when it delivers clear business goals, unlocks new thinking and drives teams and culture. If you’re up for being challenged, I’ll bring everything I’ve got to help you transform your business and change the world.”

Sam is also a Consulting Partner at Jericho Chambers, a network of ex-CEOs, Policy Advisors, Strategists and smart alecs consulting major organisations around trust, transparency and meaningful major change.

As with his consultancy roles, Sam is usually recruited to board and trustee positions as the “troublemaker”—to challenge assumptions, drive creativity, raise ambitions and ask difficult questions with “diplomacy and charm.”