Sam Conniff
He is a force of nature—his energy is infectious...
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Sam has been part of several founding teams, and the driving force of imagination behind a variety of start ups.

Livity — The entirely unique youth marketing agency, awarded for its role re-inventing the agency model, awarded as the UK’s best Social Enterprise and recognised by Prime Ministers (and even The Queen) for being a transformation engine for thousands of young people.

Live Magazine — From 2001 to 2015, Live was the U.K’s largest ‘by young people for young people’ platform and publication, giving an entire generation of creative talent a chance to break into mainstream industry and resulting in thousands of careers.

Livity Africa — From Jo’burg to Lagos to Nairobi, the ideas and energy that made Livity such a success in the UK were replicated targeted to the local needs of young people and business building an NGO heralded by everyone from the Gates Foundation to Google.

UnDivided — A movement for a youth voice in Brexit, set up in the wake of the U.K. referendum, with a year to ensure a credible youth voice was heard, over 300,000 young people to ok part in shaping a clear and coherent vision for a post-Brexit United Kingdom.

Don’t Panic — The pioneering Bafta Winning content studio that began life as a nightclub flyer pack, and is now considered of the best creative agencies in London.

DocuMovie — The small but mighty video production outfit that competes with the best there is, looking after clients that range from Stella McCartney to Nike and PlayStation.

Dubplate Drama — The ‘worlds first interactive multi-platform drama not only set a new precedent in terms of its format, but was also the first time the then underground UK Grime scene was seen on any mainstream channels.

somewhereto — An entirely new approach to creating opportunities, whilst minimising waste. In 10 years somewhereto_ helped redefine the UK’s attitude to space, showing organisations how to transform underused spaces into accelerators for young people’s potential.

Digify — From a hypothesis that in the 21st Century, digital skills can provide the same benefits to less priveleged young people, that a university education used to offer more priveleged young people, came the idea of a pioneering digital skills program that’s trained over 200,000 so far.

The Institute of Professional Rule-Breaking - Coming soon…