Sam Conniff
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This guy can make you believe that you’re capable of anything
I’m still in awe at how Sam managed to energise and enthuse a large crowd of four hundred GMs and senior marketers from across the globe to feel liberated enough to emphatically stand up and talk about the ‘be more pirate’ difference they wanted to see. The decisions we made at KFC that very moment are significant in their own right, but feel like just the start. Thank you Sam for being such a force for change.
— Catherine Tan-Gillespie KFC Global Chief Marketing Officer
Sam gave us an entertaining and edgy talk that caught everyone’s attention — his message to challenge really resonated.
— Mark Wagstaff Head of the Program Management Community, UBS
We left Sam’s workshop with fresh courage, determination and energy secure in that we had one another’s backs.
— Polly Cochrane, CMO, Warner Bros
Sam turned our team into a crew, our leaders into captains, NOs in GOs and our values into a Pirate Code.
— Crystal Eisinger, Strategy and Operations Lead, Google
Sam’s workshop turned us all into pirates and gave us a mantra we can all live by —needed now more than ever.
— Steve Axe, CMO Nomad Foods/Birdseye/Findus
Sam is a regular speaker and facilitator on our executive cohorts and is always the highest rated and most talked-about
— Daniel Solomons, Head of Digital Academy, Google
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2019 speaker clients and events

Apple, AdWeek, BBC, BrewDog, Birds Eye, Compare The Market, Digital Denmark, Enterprise Nation, Facebook, Freuds, Google, Heineken, IOD, Jones Lang LaSalle, KFC, Lego, MetroBank, Mercedes, Mindshare, Ministry of Defence, NewsCorp, Nesta, Nominet, OMR, Oxford University, Perkbox, Penguin, Red Bull, Sony, Stella McCartney, The Times, TEDx, Vans, Unilever, Virgin, WeWork, WarnerBros, Y Food, and ZenDesk … so, we’re really looking for bookings beginning with Q and X before the year is out.



Current speaking topics

Professional RuleBreaking

The next essential workplace skill of the 21st Century.

Professional Rule-breaking is the art of changing the way things are done at work. Sam’s believes there’s too much talk about ‘disruption’ and not enough action, his new model for creating change is being applied by brands from Mercedes to Sony.

Chief Purpose Officer

The most important hire, you’re never going to make.

Based on 20 years working at the intersection of public and private sector, Sam predicted the growth of ‘purpose’, here he outlines the difference between the benefit Vs the bullshit, the opportunity to be had, what everyone gets wrong and the big what next.

Be More Pirate Or How To Take On The World And Win

Now an international Best Seller, Sam’s debut book began life as a talk and a workshop featuring lessons in innovation, strategy and leadership from lesser known but true stories of Golden Age of Pirates, and their surprisingly sophisticated organisational models.

The Talent Gap

As CEO and Founder of Livity, the international youth network, Sam has 20 years experience working directly with young people, from all walks of life, as a mentor to thousands of young people, Sam has a unique insight into the future of talent.