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Sam Conniff is a multi award winning serial social entrepreneur, an acclaimed public speaker, a purpose-driven strategy consultant and soon to be best selling debut author. He is a specialist in innovation, leadership, youth culture, entrepreneurship marketing and change; creating it, managing it, and predicting it. He’s also a mentor to dozens of incredibly talented tech savvy young hustlers, which is where he gets most of his inspiration from.

“I am always humbled to be ask to speak, I think it’s the greatest privilege to have the attention of a room full of intelligent people and I consider it a great responsibility to expand their thinking. As a result, I always put my heart and soul into it, and even if I’m talking from deep experience, I always prepare based on the individual audience”

If you’d like to talk about a potential speaker booking please email me sam@samconniff.com and CC michael@speakersoffice.com so we can hear all about it and see if we can help.

  • I've seen Sam bring together disparate teams and inspire the individuals within a group to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Sam gets the most out of people through an unusual empathy for others and a huge breadth of his own experience to draw on
    — Adam Lewin, Hearst
  • Sam Conniff is a hugely engaging and thought provoking speaker who brings the subject to life by challenging and inspiring audiences. His contagious passion for his subject and his ability to tell a mighty fine story, mean that his audience are talking about his session long after it’s ended. His ability to generate such a strong debate is rare. Sam is business and life changing.
    — Camilla Woodhouse, Marketing Hall of Legends

Key current speaker topics:

Be More Pirate - Sam’s new book and a metaphor for creating and managing change in the 21st Century based on the untold strategies and success of Golden Age Pirates.

Chief Purpose Officer - A comprehensive business case of the history, evidence, insights and data to support why ‘purpose’ is now a key strategic driver in the knowledge economy.

The Hustle Generation - The definitive guide to the key current and emerging trends in youth culture, what does it mean for the future of business and what comes after them.

The Talent Gap - What are the biggest challenges, most dangerous pitfalls and best examples of success when it comes to recruiting future young talent.