Sam has over twenty years experience of strategic leadership working at an executive level with clients including; PlayStation, Google, BBC, Unilever, Facebook, O2 and many more. Usually employed as a challenger, to bring new thinking, new perspectives and fresh approaches. that helps clients create deeper connections with their audiences through the invention of more purposeful messages, products and campaigns.

After two decades of running and growing agencies, I am enjoying life as a micro consultancy, i.e. just me. I am only only interested in investing in consultancy work where the intention is clearly purpose driven, there is senior leadership commitment, realistic budget attached and the outcome is measurable and mutual impact. I don’t believe in purpose as an add-on, I believe in purpose that drives clear business goals. If you feel the same, I will bring everything I’ve got to the party and help you transform your business and change the world. If not, there’s a lot of people offering purpose consultancy who can happily attach a cause to a product and won’t ask to many difficult questions about the real role of purpose in your business model, culture and decision making.

Current clients


Roald Dahl Literary Estate

Red Bull Amaphiko

Jericho Chambers


I  am also a partner at Jericho Chambers, a network of ex CEO’s, Policy Advisors, Strategists and smart alecs consulting major organisations around trust, transparency and meaningful major change.



Sam has been a key member of several board and trustee positions in recent years. As with his consultancy roles, he is usually recruited as ‘trouble maker’ to challenge assumptions, drive creativity, raise ambitions and ask difficult questions with ‘diplomacy and charm’.


Board Positions


Chair & Trustee - Generation Change

Chair of Advisory Board - Undivided

Non Executive Director - Livity UK

Non Executive Director - Livity Africa

Founding Trustee - EY Foundation

Board Member - NESTA & Cabinet Office

Board Member - Telefonica Big Think

Social Enterprise Ambassador