Sam Conniff
Thoughtful, challenging, committed; exactly what we needed.
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Workshops / Facilitation

Sam is a highly experienced facilitator with an innate ability to get more out of a team than they ever imagined possible by themselves.

Sam works directly with clients to facilitate off-sites and away days, working to their brief or dropping into the middle of existing challenges to help unlock opportunity and unblock creativity.

In addition, Sam has developed his own framework for releasing the potential of a team: “Professional Rule-Breaking” enables a team to find new understanding, and solutions, to what gets in their way, and new techniques, focus and energy for what they can achieve.

Leading teams through change to see advantage and opportunity can feel impossible, but Sam makes anything possible.
Sam achieved positive irreversible change within my team and the results we deliver!

The Professional Rule Breaking framework follows a proven pattern:

Reframing the rules

Most of us don’t believe we have the power to create change where we work so this section reframes where change comes from, how easy it can be and how to influence it, leaving everyone with a new perspective on themselves as rebels, as changemakers and as leaders.

Being honest about the blockers

Through hundreds of workshops, Sam has tirelessly pushed teams deeper and further in the pursuit of the honest barriers to change and has developed a theory that there are only two true blockers out there once a team has seen both, they can also see there’s nothing they can’t do.

Rewriting the rules

Doing things differently is hard and usually unsuccessful, so Sam gets teams to a new level of honesty about change by examining; Courage, Permission, Critical Connections and Redistributed Power. By this point, the atmosphere is usually crackling with electricity.

Turning inspiration into action

‘Talk, minus action, equals shit’ as Sam likes to say, so here, all the big thinking prepares for day to day reality, here teams start making change achievable by undertaking the two tasks Sam has observed that separate every team who actually succeeds in being the difference.